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Last update 19.7.2020

New pictures and results from dog show

New pictures from balance training

New pictures from canistherapy training

Results from Club Show in Pezinok

Results from 4x CACIB & Club Show Budapest

New photos were added to the Galery

Results from 3x CACIB Bratislava

Results from Club weekend in Mojmirovce

Results from Club Show in Austria

Results from the first dog show of puppies

New photos of puppies

9.1.2018 – Dafra brought 9 beautiful puppies to the world

8.12.2017 – Dafra got title Inter Champion

New photos were added to the Galery

19.8.2017 – Dafra got title Slovak Grand Champion

11.6.2017 – Dafra met conditions for Hungarien Champion

17.2.2017 – Dafra met conditions for C.I.B title

6.2.2017 – Dafra got title Czech Show Champion

14.1.2017 – Dafra got title Slovak Show Champion